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Why do we like the bitter taste of coffee?…

From an evolutionary perspective – taste helps us decide what food to eat and what – toss out. Accordingly bitterness serves as a natural warning system: “This food is potentially toxic – don’t eat it!”. As a result, we often have strong negative reactions to bitter substances (e.g. bitter drugs). Which begs the question – Why do we then like the bitter taste of coffee? or dark chocolate? By this logic, we should want to spit it out.

Furthermore, we would probably expect that people who have heightened sensitivity to the bitter taste would drink less coffee. No! – claim scientists. Recent study has found that people who are particularly sensitive to bitter taste learn to associate “good things with it”.

No matter what, bitter taste is finally getting its due – it increasingly takes a worthy place on our dinner table in a form of arugula, dandelion, or radicchio; and of course long beloved – darkchocolate and coffee.